Shanti Hodges: Getting Kids Outside


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Shanti Hodges is the founder of Hike It Baby, an organization helping families get outside. What started as an informal gathering is now a nation-wide network. Listen to her story and get inspired to get outside with your family.

When Shanti Hodges had her son Mason, she knew she wanted to share her love of nature with him. She saw a lack of organized outdoor activities for families and decided to do something about it. She ended up helping thousands of families get outside and get active. Her organization Hike It Baby has grown from an informal gathering in Portland, OR, to a nation-wide network of parents and children hiking together and supporting each other. Shanti built this community from the ground up, but now she’s taking a step back to focus on her own family and her next professional adventure in Utah. In this episode, Shanti and Shelby talk about how Hike it Baby has changed lives, supporting amazing women and must-have tips to taking kids hiking and in the outdoors.

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