REI Podcasts: Wild Ideas Worth Living and Take It From Me


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This year, the REI Co-op released two podcasts–Wild Ideas Worth Living and Take It From Me–about people doing incredible things in the outdoors.

To introduce the podcasts, Shelby, the host of Wild Ideas Worth Living and Nick, the producer of Take It From Me, sat down and turned their mics on each other.

You can find additional episodes of Wild Ideas Worth Living on iTunes and Spotify and all eight episodes of Take It From Me on iTunes and Stitcher.

Keep reading to learn more about Shelby and Nick’s wild ideas and why they choose to opt outside.

What do you love about podcasts?

Shelby: I’ve worked in magazine and print journalism for almost 20 years, but I love how deep you can go with people in a podcast interview. Listeners get to hear full conversations rather than just sound-bites. I also love that you can learn about so much on podcasts, and on demand, anywhere – whether in a car, traveling, running or at the house doing chores. Lastly, I love the Jim Rohn quote that says you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You can’t always choose who you hang out with at work or your family, but you can choose to listen to and spend time with amazing people through podcasts.

Nick: Podcasts are incredibly accessible. You can listen anytime, anywhere. I listen when I cook, when I clean, on long drives. Stories are how we make meaning of the world—and audio stories give our imaginations room to run and play.

What’s your wild idea?

Shelby: My wild idea was to start a podcast and interview adventurers I loved. In the past, my wild idea was to quit my job in marketing to become a freelance writer and start my own consulting business while spending a lot more time surfing and doing more of what I loved. Today, my wild idea is just to keep putting out good content, have more meaningful connections with the people I work with, and to spend more time with people I love and on things that matter most.

Nick: To host and produce a podcast!

If someone was to “take it from you”, what would you teach?

Shelby: Surfing. I’ve taught surfing for over 20 years and lately I’ve been teaching people how to grow podcasts. In the future, I’d love to host tech-free retreats where there’s great live music, awesome healthy meals, and cooking classes, surfing, hiking, and rock-climbing with a few goal-setting sessions and TED-style talks thrown in.

Nick: Trail snacking.

How do you opt outside?

Shelby: I’m pretty sure this is a line from a cheesy magnet my mom gave me, but I try to put my toes in the sand every day. I either run on the beach, surf, hike and lately I’ve been going rock climbing. I’m terrible at it and love it.

Nick: Climbing is closest to my heart – but there are tons of ways I get outside. Most of the time, opting outside doesn’t mean some remote, back country excursion. I bike everywhere I can. I love evening hikes just outside of town. Sometimes I fly fish, but I’m terrible at it. After this Q and A, I’m heading out to a canyon outside the city to squeeze in a few afternoon climbs.

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