5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Fitbit

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An activity tracker can help you reach your fitness goals, work out more effectively and have a lot of fun along the way. Ready to give one a try? Check out the tips below and get off to a running start.

1. Choose the Right Tracker


Fitbit offers a range of fitness trackers to meet different needs and budgets. Every model features tracking for active minutes, steps, calories and distance. Most, but not all, provide sleep tracking. A couple of models offer heart-rate monitors. Currently, one model, the Fitbit Surge, includes built-in GPS tracking. The majority of Fitbit trackers are designed to be worn on your wrist, although two clip-on models are also available.

If you’d like to see the lineup in person, visit your local REI store. The co-op’s friendly gear experts will guide you to the Fitbit that suits you best.

2. Charge Your Tracker


After you’ve carefully unboxed your new Fitbit, you’ll probably be eager to strap it to your wrist, turn it on and start running up stairs like Rocky. Whoa there, champ! Take a deep breath and slow down just a bit. Most Fitbit trackers have rechargeable batteries that need to be charged before use.

3. Get the Fitbit App

Fitbit App

Fitbit all charged up and raring to go? Good. Now you’ll want to install the smartphone app and set up your tracker. The app allows you to wirelessly sync data, see your stats, set goals, record workouts, initiate Fitbit Challenges and a whole lot more.

4. Improve Your Fitbit’s Accuracy


After you’ve installed the app, it’s a good idea to let your Fitbit know whether or not you’ll be wearing it on your dominant hand. Why? Your dominant hand tends to move more than your other and this could skew the data that the Fitbit records. You can select dominant or non-dominant hand in the app, and your Fitbit will calibrate accordingly.

5. Let the Challenges Begin!


Reaching fitness goals on your own is great, but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to keep things interesting. Challenges help you stay motivated and have fun by competing against your Fitbit-wearing friends and family members. You can initiate Challenges from the app, choosing from four different events:

  • Daily Showdown: Who can get the most steps today?
  • Weekend Warrior: Who can get the most steps over the weekend?
  • Workweek Hustle: Who can get the most steps Monday through Friday?
  • Goal Day: How many participants can reach their daily step goal?

Up to 10 people can participate in each challenge. When you start a challenge, you can invite your friends, and they in turn can invite their friends.

Shop Fitbit at REI.com.

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