The Mountain Project Woody Show

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Mountain Project users are obsessed. And crafty.

The "What does your Woody look like???" forum thread has reached legendary status with more than 40 pages of users sharing photos of their home climbing wall (AKA "woody") creations. Here are some of the climbing community's best.

The Barn Bonanza

Photo: Doug Lintz

Eleven of us in my barn tonight, working projects and encouraging each other. This keeps it real fun. —MP user Doug Lintz

The Modular Moonboard

Photo: Mr B

I've been watching this thread for years–thanks to everyone who kept me inspired with their awesome home walls. The wall is adjustable, from -5 degrees (slab) to 65 degrees overhanging and rotates around its midpoint, so a person can easily do it alone. Kick boards of three different sizes hang on "lift off" hinges to accommodate the different wall angles. It's all built around a Moonboard so I'll never have a shortage of new problems. Would I build it again? Heck no. It was really labor intensive, over budget, and the tight tolerances allowed little margin for error (which is a margin I'm apparently very good at pushing)! It's also hard to cover with anything but a tarp. But now that it's sitting out there, I'm very happy to have it. —MP user Mr B

The Rainbow Crack System

PHoto: Colin Parker

Just finished "The Rainbow" tonight. This thing has seven cracks (one for each color of the rainbow) from tips to fists and seven different increasingly difficult foothold combinations (yes, one for each color of the rainbow), thus 49 crack problems, as well as four boulder problems. It's 18 feet tall and you finish by grabbing a big heart-shaped jug. —MP user Colin Parker

The Decades Obsession

Photo: Woodchuck ATC

A four-sided "storage shed" is what I told the village code inspector this was. —MP user Woodchuck ATC [ed. note: There are more photos of this monstrosity, which Woodchuck ATC built in the 1990s and has been modifying ever since.]

The Backyard Explorer

Photo: BCarlson

I sure am enjoying being outside during the beautiful summer weather we've been enjoying in the PNW. Might have to come up with a temporary solution during the winter (heavy duty curtain or something to hold the heat in).

The last few sets I've tried to set a few hard routes with my full hold-selection available, and then at some point I just say F-it and throw holds on the wall with a somewhat even spacing and try to find "routes." Half the time I find a fun hard problem and then the next time I climb I've totally forgotten what it was. —MP user BCarlson

The Wave Wall

Photo: JonMiller

[ed. note: Painting a home wall is a hot topic, and this user received several questions about durability.] I haven't removed too many holds at this point. The few that I have removed did have a little paint peel but not that noticeable. I applied two coats of Kilz 2 primer prior to painting. It seems to hold up. Honestly, I don't mind the character development of the woody in any form, scuffs and paint peel included. —MP user JonMiller

The Antarctic Acquisition

Photo: Travis Senor

Not really "mine" since it was inherited, but it's the best we can do down here.  My wall/system board and sleeping area, McMurdo Station, Antarctica. —MP user Travis Senor

The Marathon Project

Photo: Travis Ricksecker

This is in an outbuilding that used to be a music studio. It's converted entirely into a gym and was a marathon project. We have six mattresses and about 12 crash pads in there for a 24'x24' area; it works well enough. Pro flooring was just way too expensive. The hold density in there is now at approximately twice what you see here. I think there are about 60 taped problems now. It's really fun. —MP user Travis Ricksecker

The Woodland Woody

Photo: alpinethrills

I built this one year when I was frustrated with the lack of winter in New York state. It's a 50-foot "ice" circuit. —MP user alpinethrills

The Loft Dojo

Photo: EricBacus

Cleaning up after the new build in my barn. Done, minus new holds! —MP user EricBacus

The Garage Gargantuan

Photo: Amy Jordan

This is the woody in our "garage." It looks impractical, since it juts outwards and looks like it consumes a lot of space, but there's a room behind it for gear storage so it actually turns out to be a good use of space. The wall is 12.5' high. —MP user Amy Jordan

The Tuff Shed Moonboard

Photo: Jason Halladay

I've been following this thread for years, and it's been great to get ideas from others. I'm psyched to be able to contribute to the thread, finally.

We bit the bullet last fall, bought a 10'x12' Tuff Shed and built a Moonboard (with additional t-nut grid for more hold options) in it. It's tight but it's a full-size Moonboard and it's been working out great. We also have an adjustable/removable hangboard setup and a removable campus board I designed.

If you're considering a similar setup or interested in ideas, I put together a detailed blog post about the process and setup. —MP user Jason Halladay

Inspired? Learn more about how to build a home wall here.

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