How Extra are Your Luxe Adventure Items?


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Our Instagram audience responded, and here’s what they had to say.

Camping doesn’t need to be basic. We believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived—and a luxurious life outdoors is a life extra well lived. Last week we asked our Instagram audience what their most extra luxury adventure item was. And they responded with everything from super soft pillows to heavy Dutch ovens!

We’ve collected the most extra of them all. Now you have to decide: Comparatively, how extra are your items?

1. [Coffee] press and small grinder, with locally roasted whole bean coffee. —@b_cheesy, @drewfrohn, @donaldmorell, syoung098 & @wandering_hoosier

2. BioLite fire pit and my lights! Makes my campsite so extra (but pretty). —@wineyogatravel

3. Steaks! Freeze them, they thaw perfectly on the hike in for night 1 dinner! —@wblack21

4. Extra soft TP. —@dalestroomy

5. Tent air conditioner. I live in Georgia. It’s always hot. —@rexmwallace

6. The tow-behind trailer we built with water, generator and propane setup. —@Iannonite

7. Dutch oven. Even if I’m backpacking. —@ben_roeser &

8. Our ARB fridge in our Jeep! Not buying ice and having food that stays dry is really nice! —@msanford21

9. My portable record player. —@ren.rover

10. Heated foot beds for my ski boots! —@kimjongsingalong

A person's hands are cutting vegetables outdoors.

11. A real frying pan and bottles of wine (while backpacking) —@vietsr

12. I’m usually other people’s luxury item since I’m a chef. —@jaspermoonshadow

13. Battery operated fan for the tent at night! Hello circulation and white noise! —@kaleymooney

14. We brought a mini tree and lights on the trail with us this Christmas. —@flashfleishman

15. Stanley Master vacuum mug full of … ice cream. —@carolinemaeh

16. Sheepskin to sleep on! —@hannahcotan

17. Cast iron pan & butter. —@amylcornish

18. Cheesecake mix and a ready pie crust in pan! You can cool it in the river or lake. —@birch.and.barrel

19. My diamond encrusted dream catcher. —@jamesrobertcampbell

20. Cold steel tactical shovel. —@nolandixon75

People sitting outside a tent with twinkle lights at night.

21. Our REI Kingdom Cots! I’m too old to sleep on the ground. —@life_at_abbys_pace

22. I manage wine collections and typically take a $100+ bottle camping. —@wanderyne

23. Our crepe maker. —@owlsarentamused

24. Full skincare regime: moisturizer, sheet mask, under eye patches, face wash and facial mist. —@dani__logan

25. Handheld vacuum for the tent (so much dog hair). —@s.porden

26. Camp Chef BBQ thing! So extra and so amazing! —@burgessadventures

27. Mini massage stick/foam roller. —@jesstreks

28. Growler and … backpacking carbonator. —@da_roza

29. Double sleeping bag for just me and my Pomeranian. —@thepopularpaige

30. I have a Camp Chef expedition stove pizza oven. It’s glamp to the max. —@dolanator89

31. My little battery powered diffuser so my tent can smell like lavender. —@surruuuh

32. Full bottle of wine … per person. —@ruthmenger

33. Butterfly wings. Take up space but so fun at camp. —@annabellplush

34. My YETI cooler. Did I need it? No. Do I love it? Yes. —@outandaboutkatie