REI Presents: What’s in a Name?

Short film premieres on REI’s YouTube channel at 12 p.m. PT on Wednesday, October 20th.

After immigrating from Brazil to the United States as a teenager, Maiza Lima worked to find her place in American culture and climbing. Now living in rural Montana where she is one of the only female climbers in her town, Maiza has come to realize that there are many parts of climbing culture she does not want to conform to. She discovers that she must define her own portion of American climbing, community and place to make more space for people like her.

Climber Maiza Lima is on a mission to create new climbing areas that celebrate the diversity of the sport. She is shown here bolting a route that she later names “American Dream.”

Thanks to our partners:
Director, Cinematographer – Jules Jimreviat
Producer – Jim Aikman
Additional Cinematography – Tara Kerzhner
Production – Bedrock Film Works
Executive Producer – Graham Zimmerman

Join the conversation and help build a space for all at www.ClimbUnited.org.

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