Liza Dietzen and her lead sled dog

REI Presents: 1,000 Mile Dream

Liza Dietzen has dreamt of competing as a dog sledder since learning about the Iditarod in kindergarten. Ever since, she's dedicated the majority of her life to...
Climbing mount rainier

REI Presents: Climbing Out

"It's crazy to me that we have all of this beauty and nature around us, and some people don't even see it. For me, I get to appreciate it sober. Something I did...
REI Presents: Safe Haven

REI Presents: Safe Haven

Stepping into Memphis Rox, you’ll notice its high walls with climbing routes extending to the ceiling, the bouldering area’s assortment of colorful holds pepper...
Fast Forward

REI Presents: Fast Forward

For bikepacker and ultra-long-distance racer Lael Wilcox, taking on the Arizona Trail—800+miles of desert singletrack—is a challenge unlike any other, and it wi...
REI Presents: Trail Angel

REI Presents: Trail Angel

Many people look to the outdoors to find peace of mind. For Paul Stiffler, better known as Ponytail Paul, the Appalachian Trail and its thru-hikers have been th...

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