8 Adventure Travel Hacks That Will Change the Way You Wander

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Adventure is out there. And by “there” we don’t mean at your place working up a sweat trying to jam the last item into your bag or at the airport awkwardly wrestling your luggage. Here are some travel tips from our outdoor experts guaranteed to take the adventure out of getting there.

1. Pack Your Gear in Your Ski (Board) Bag

Because nobody in the history of flying has managed to carry on skis. Take advantage of your checked ski/board bag by stuffing it like a sausage with gear. Turns out you can pack a helmet, coat, pants, gloves, goggles, base layers, poles and boots into most ski bags. Want to take it one step further? Socks nest well in boots.

A bag that is being packed

2. Double Duty Carry-On Hack

Upgrade your carry-on game by using a soft shell cooler as your personal item. This gives you the carrying capacity you need at the airport and the functionality of a cooler when you get to your adventure destination. No need to tote a tote around.

Yeti carry on bag

3. Nest a Small Day Pack in Your Bigger Bag

Find freedom on the road when you nest a smaller bag inside a big one. This lets you stash your bigger bag and take only what you need in the day pack. A nimble hack that lets you take a load off and turn what might have been a travel day into a day of exploring.

Smaller bag inside a bigger bag

4. Snap a Picture of Your First Pack Job

We’ve all been there. You’re mid-repack thinking, “How did I fit all of this here?!” Take the mystery of our repacking by snapping a pic of your initial packing layout. No need to play packing Tetris when you can simply refer to the photo for help. Unless of course, that’s how you like to spend your free time.

Taking a picture of a packed bag

5. Outdoor Brands Make Luggage Too

How hard is your bag working for you? Get adventurous and think beyond traditional brands when it comes to luggage. Outdoor notables like Osprey, Thule–and others are making smarter, more durable luggage with pockets where you need them and more usable, packable space. Need more convincing? Investing in a good carry-on will save you on checked bag fees in the long run.

Guy with a carry on bag

6. Ship It – Don’t Schlep It

Going on a multi-activity trip? No need to lug your extra gear around for the rest of the trip. Lighten your load and ship it home. (Pro tip: Get a free box from a bike shop before you leave. Use the box to check the bike on the way there, then to ship home.)

Two bike boxes and one smaller box

7. Donate Gear at Your Destination

Next time you’re aboard, think about donating used gear in the city your visiting. Skiing in South America? Save on checked bag fees and dragging unnecessary bags around by donating locally. Something to consider next time you’re on an epic backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, cycling trip. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Gear in a cardboard box

8. Bring What You Touch

Feel at home anywhere when you bring the most important, custom fit parts of your equipment with you. Think packable contact points like a bike seat, ski/board boots, snowboard bindings and more. This lets you save space by leaving the big gear behind and enjoy demoing and renting without the distraction of ill-fitting gear.

Bike and snowboard gear on concrete floor

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