Public Health

Cyclists ride trails in Bellingham, Washington.

Can You Ride Electric Bikes On Public Lands?

A new order from the Secretary of the Interior directs the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management and two more federal agencies to expand electric bike access to the places traditional bikes can ride. Implementing the order could be more complicated that it seems. Read More...
Children gather around as teacher conducts lesson in a forest

School’s Out

There are more than 400 outdoor preschools in the U.S. designed to create a closer connection between children and nature. But are the programs simply a trend for green parents, or a lasting model for early-childhood education? Read More...
Overhead shot of highways surrounded by city forests.

What is Rewilding?

Host Erin Sullivan goes on a journey across the country—from D.C. to LA—to explore how some cities are helping us get back outside. Maybe we aren’t stuck inside forever, after all. Read More...