While Summer Sleeps, Winter is an Unlikely Friend

In the second edition of Uncommon Path, we continue our mission to explore the ideas, issues and experiences that shape the relationship between people and nature, even when nature is on the chilly side. Of course, we also tell you about the remarkable equipment from our stores.

As we celebrate winter as a time to play, we’re reminded it’s also a time to act.

An ever-accelerating environmental crisis threatens our beloved outdoor places and ways of life across the globe. From ice stupas in the Himalaya adapting to the glacial recession to the potential climate refugees of Charleston, South Carolina, fighting for their future, we explore in this issue how communities try to mitigate a climate crisis that has become a shared reality.

Beyond our editorial coverage, our co-op isn’t standing still. We source 100% green energy for all our operations, and we’re finding ways for every REI member to shop with less environmental impact, including more used- and rental-gear choices.

The co-op is a community of more than 18 million members. Taking many small steps together can add up to big things. We’ve developed an Opt to Act plan to guide how to take small actions and leave the world better than you found it.

By the time summer wakes, we might surprise ourselves with the progress we’ve made.

—Editors at REI Co-op

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