Force of Nature: Loveis Wise

Meet Loveis Wise, the 23-year-old illustrator who is proving that age is just a number.

In 2018, we launched Force of Nature—a Collection of Art and Stories Celebrating Fearless Women. The collection features 44 artists from around the country sharing their interpretation of what it means to be a force of nature. One of the artists is Loveis Wise. Fresh out of college, Loveis is making a name for herself with her bold, colorful art.

Who is she?

Loveis Wise is a Washington, D.C. native and recent grad from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Freelancing while in school, she ended up making a name for herself as an illustrator before she even walked across the stage for her diploma.

When asked about her decision to pursue her passion professionally she told us, “I was in high school when I decided. My family was nervous. We didn’t know anyone who could make a living from just drawing and making art. But I knew I had to go it. And so far, it’s worked out.”

Loveis’ art is a beautiful combination of flowers and foliage with strong women of all shapes and shades at the center. Her affinity for the green and flowery stemmed from gardening with her grandmother when she was a child. “I love being in nature, even if it’s something simple like sitting in a garden.”

Who else has she worked for?

Loveis set her mind to freelancing while finishing up her degree. During her junior year of college, she created her portfolio and put it up on Women Who Draw—a hub featuring women (and trans and non-gender conforming) illustrators, highlighting illustrators of color, LGBTQ+ and other minority groups of female illustrators. From there she was approached for her first job—a blog illustration for Refinery29.

“They actually just invited me to go speak to a group of their designers and I was like, you know you guys were my first job, right?!” Loveis tells us, laughing.

That first job was just the beginning of all the opportunities that would start coming Loveis’ way. Since then she’s worked with companies and clients such as Buzzfeed, BUST Magazine, Cartoon Network, the March of Dimes and The New Yorker—where she made her debut for the magazine by drawing the cover of the 2018 Summer Fiction Issue.

Her work with REI

Her two-page spread in Force of Nature shows a woman hiking in a remote wooded area with her trusty pup by her side. When asked about this piece she said, “It was created as a result of reflecting on the importance of grounding myself and spending more time outside as an adult but also sweet memories of going hiking with my dad as a kid in our neighborhood regional park.”

An illustration of a woman and her dog in the woods.Representation through her art

Loveis’ dedication to representation is portrayed through her illustrations that feature women of color. She knows the impact her art can make and seizes the opportunity so that marginalized groups of people can now see themselves on posters, magazine covers and in the outdoors.

“I frequently explore representing people of color in my work because of the lack that I had grew up with. It’s important for me to be inclusive and make space for marginalized folks in order for them to see themselves in my artistic language.”

A note from Loveis

“Take care of yourself, please! Self-care and mental health is so important to me and hits home. Take a break every now and then. Take a walk. Breathe some fresh air.”

Follow Loveis’ work on Instagram at @loveiswiseillu.