2018 Co-op Member Used Gear Swap

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It’s time to get what you need, and sell what you don’t.

If you’re adding outdoor gear to your wish list (of course you are), don’t miss our Used Gear Swaps. Join us at one of the 11 events to buy, sell, trade and maybe even haggle for the gear that catches your eye. Used gear is a win/win. It’s easier on the wallet and you’re saving gear from dusty days in the garage and, eventually, the landfill.

This is a free members-only event, but if you’re not a member, not to worry—$20 gets you a lifetime of benefits.  Become a member today and we’ll see you at a swap in October.

The swaps are being held in: Arcadia, Bloomington, Chandler, Chattanooga, Columbia, Greenwood Village, Madison, San Diego, Saratoga, Tualatin and West Hartford.

If you’re not able to attend a swap, you can access used gear online.

Shop used gear

Have more questions about the events? Check out the FAQs below.

Event FAQs

Is it like a REI garage sale?

REI will not be selling anything onsite or processing any sales. We’re simply providing a platform for the outdoor community to sell their used stuff to one another.

What can people sell?

Human-powered outdoor recreation items. Bikes (& e-bikes), skis, boats, tents, packs, stoves, flashlights, etc. The gear should be in decent condition and working order.

What can people not sell?

Guns, knives, or anything that would be considered a weapon. Motorized items. No load-bearing rock climbing equipment. No helmets. We reserve the right to review and ask that an item be removed from the swap.

How can I pay for items?

All transactions are peer-to-peer. Payment method will depend on vendor. Some may accept digital payment methods, though most will likely be cash-only.

Can I donate items if I’m unable to see them?

Yes! We will be partnering with local outdoor non-profits to collect unsold used gear to help others get into the outdoors.

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