Cindy Whitehead – Stories From a Female Skateboarding Pioneer – WIWL003

Have you ever wanted to skateboard down the freeway?! Me too, except please don’t try that at home because you will most likely die! Cindy Whitehead managed to sneak in a session on the L.A.’s busiest freeway one day and also did some other wild things. She was one of the first females to get a centerfold plus two-page article in a men's skateboarding magazine, and she’s become a renowned sports stylist for everyone from Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Drew Brees to Mia Hamm and Peyton Manning.

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Have you ever had a wild idea, but were afraid to act on it? Or maybe you started, but then self-doubt crept in and you talked yourself out of it? It took host Shelby Stanger three years to quit her job to pursue a life of adventure. From freelance journalism to living abroad in Costa Rica and New Zealand, Shelby started this podcast to tell stories of people like her who took a risk and created a life around doing what they love.

This show is about building a community of people who want to make more positive decisions in their lives, from the food they eat to the people they surround themselves with. It’s about taking a wild leap of faith and having meaningful conversations with people who have made it happen.


The Host, Shelby Stanger

Shelby Stanger

Shelby Stanger

Shelby has paddled a remote portion of the Amazon River, surfed from Tofino to Tavarua, and interviewed countless CEOs, entrepreneurs and pro athletes on assignment for international brands and publications from Outside Magazine to Vans. Her Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast amplifies adventure narratives, and empowers others to live their passions and get outside. REI member since 1996.