Wild Ideas Worth Living: Wim Hof


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Wim Hof on using nature to rediscover his inner power.

When I started this podcast, my goal was to talk to people who had made their wild ideas a reality, and Wim Hof has been a dream guest for a long time.

Over the last few decades, Wim has broken dozens of records and achieved some wild feats. He climbed 20,000 feet up Mt. Everest while wearing only shorts and shoes. He’s run a marathon barefoot above the Arctic Circle. He sat in an ice bath for two hours. He even swam 66 meters beneath polar ice caps. Many of his records were attempts to show the world that healing and high performance can be achieved if we go back to nature and how we have healing powers within ourselves.

Wim’s wild idea: To help humans connect to their inner power, heal and achieve big goals by using nature, cold exposure, breathing techniques and commitment.

Wim has worked with researchers all over the globe to back up his theories with the goal to reach more people and help them heal. Today there are several studies showing how the Wim Hof Method works. He’s also has helped thousands of people learn to better control their own body temperature and immune systems through breathing exercises, commitment and meditation through his online and in person courses.

Wim has taken a different path than many and this podcast is a bit of a wild ride. Listen as we talk about his philosophies, what he’s doing next and the research he’s excited about now. Plus, you get to hear him sing and talk about why we need to instill core values in our kids.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You’ve ever heard of Wim Hof (and even if you haven’t) and want to learn more about his methods.
  • You want to try cold therapy.
  • You think it’s time for humans to return to nature.
  • You believe humans are capable of amazing things.

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