Wild Ideas Worth Living: Tate MacDowell


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Tate MacDowell on climbing Grand Teton during chemotherapy treatments.


Tate is a skier, filmmaker and all around awesome guy who I’ve known for a few years. Tate MacDowell got his start as a filmmaker making ski movies for companies like Teton Gravity Research and Brain Farm. His current company, Death Cookie Entertainment, specializes in editorial action sports films. He’s very present in the outdoor and action sports industry, and I have loved watching his movies.

Tate’s wild idea: To climb over 13,000 feet up Grand Teton after seeing an image of the mountain in the hallway where he received cancer treatments.

In 2008, Tate and his wife moved from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Cardiff, California and a few years later had a son, Wilson. Just two years ago, Tate was diagnosed with cancer and is currently battling stage IV metastatic rectal cancer. While undergoing treatments, he got the wild idea to climb Grand Teton after seeing a picture of the mountain in the hallway where he was getting cancer treatments. His journey to the top has been an emotional ride and one that he shares in detail in our conversation.

We talk openly about his journey with cancer, being a dad and husband and why we shouldn’t waste any time in going after our dreams. His honesty in this challenging time is astounding, and I love his message and his story.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You or someone you know has had cancer.
  • You’ve ever dreamed of going to the Grand Tetons.
  • You aren’t one to let some obstacles stop you from achieving your goals.
  • You are in need of some inspiration to go out and make your dreams reality.

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