Wild Ideas Worth Living: Karen Ramos and Adriana Garcia

Karen Ramos and Adriana Garcia on encouraging more diversity in the outdoors.

Part of living wildly is standing up for what you believe in. After not seeing people who looked like them represented in the outdoors, today’s guests took action. Karen Ramos and Adriana Garcia are two young women who started movements to encourage diversity and representation in the outdoor industry.

Karen and Adriana’s wild idea: To encourage diversity in the outdoors and change how the media portrays who plays outside.

The daughter of migrant farmers turned entrepreneurs, Karen loved being outdoors and camping with her family when she was younger. She wanted to provide that same opportunity to kids today, so she founded Get Out, Stay Out, an organization that connects indigenous-migrant children with the outdoors through hikes, camping trips and multi-day backpacking adventures.

Adriana Garcia grew up Mormon, half-Mexican and in the south. She said she never felt like she belonged until she got outside. Last year, she left her accounting job to co-found LatinXHikers with her friend, Luz Lituma. It’s become a platform to showcase people from diverse backgrounds participating in outdoor activities. They are offering meetups and hikes around the country.

On this show, I talk to Karen and Adriana about their history, some of their unique experiences in the outdoors, how they’re trying to change the landscape of who plays outside and how you can get involved.

Listen to this episode if:

    • You want to see more diversity in the outdoors.
    • Hearing new perspectives matters to you.
    • You want to see people like you represented in the media.
    • The outdoors has helped you.

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