Wild Ideas Worth Living: Jamie Mitchell


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Jamie Mitchell on how to win multiple paddle boarding and surfing titles while taking time to care for the ocean. 

Today’s guest exemplifies what it means to make your wild idea a reality. Jamie Mitchell is one of the best athletes in the world and a ten-time winner of the Molokai to Oahu paddle board race, one of the most challenging, prestigious races in the world where competitors paddle 32 miles between the Hawaiian Islands.

Jamie was passionate about a sport that wasn’t particularly popular when he started. But he pursued it and made a great career out of it. He isn’t paddle boarding much anymore, but he is on the Big Wave Tour where he has taken the podium many times. If he wins the Big Wave Tour, he’ll be the first person ever to win both this title and the paddle boarding title.

Jamie’s wild idea: To overcome asthma and become a world-champion paddle boarder and big wave surfer while educating himself, and the world, about sustainable aquaculture practices.

In addition to his amazing career, we talk about Jamie’s struggle with asthma as a kid, and how it actually got him into water sports in the first place and eventually saved his life. We also talk about the often-controversial aquaculture practices that he is working to learn more about, an d how he hopes to educate others. We also talk about how much he trains today and tips to living wildly and achieving any goal.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You love the ocean.
  • You like paddleboarding and/or surfing, especially bigger waves.
  • You love a good Aussie accent (I do).
  • You want to hear from one of the best athletes on the planet.

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