Take It From Sarah Uhl


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Sarah Uhl creates beautiful art inspired by nature. 10 years ago she was on the path to becoming a professional cyclist, winning a Jr. World title. From age 13 to 23, she spent most of her time racing. There were even whispers of competing at the Olympics. But Sarah, an artist at heart, wasn’t fulfilled by the ultra-competitive, high stress demands that cycling required. She wanted to expand her life to include all of her passions and started creating art to capture the moments she found in nature. She’s now making a full-time living as a watercolor painter and illustrator while also bringing awareness to environmental issues.

Take it from Sarah Uhl

Sarah Uhl and Phil Taylor looking through Sarah’s art.

In this episode of Take It From Me, Phil, the farmer you met in episode two, interviews Sarah on a vista overlooking a Colorado mountain range while they discuss Sarah’s transition from cyclist to full time artist. Phil looks through Sarah’s art and they talk about her eternal optimism and how she brings that energy to the art she creates.

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