A Tribute to the REI 1440 Project

There are 1,440 minutes in a day. That’s 1,440 opportunities to step outside, to experience something new, to see the world a little differently. We wanted to cherish those moments. Thus, on November 26, 2012, we launched the REI 1440 Project—a celebration of every single minute spent outside. It was our homage to outdoor adventure.

The website began as an empty timeline, an open invitation to the outdoor community at large to submit their favorite adventure photos. Within days it was filled with thousands upon thousands of amazing photos, and continued to grow as the minutes turned into days turned into years.

The site was able to tell what time each photo was taken by reading the metadata that is embedded in every photograph, and then displayed the photo based on that time. Users were able to create a profile and personalize their own photo timeline to share on the site and with their social networks. Timelines were tagged and searchable based on location, activity, description and even color.

Outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds helped fill every minute (all 1440 of them) of the 24-hour timeline with outdoor photography representing our collective love of outside. What was most impressive was not the number of the photos, but the photography itself. We were inundated with gorgeous images of inspiring activities. It proved, beyond any doubt, that our community is best when joined together, motivating each other.

At exactly 9:34am, Cabot reached his favorite tree on his favorite hiking trail. At 7:25pm, Lauren sat down and enjoyed some trail mix. At 11:52pm, Emmitt started climbing toward a summit that had thwarted him twice. We think these moments and countless others are worth celebrating. And celebration is all about sharing. This project allowed people to join together to cheer each other on.

We have retired the site, but the legacy lives on. We continue to celebrate every minute outside with the hashtag #OptOutside. For now, join us and look back on a project we believed in, a project that inspired countless members. Here are some of the best minutes from over the years:

person with moss

Photo by @zacharymartgan.

smiling backpacker

Photo by @tiffinyepiphany.

five tents next to a frozen lake on snow

Photo by @taylormichaelburk.

person in hammock

Photo by @spencerkbailey.

fog and evergreens in a valley

Photo by @sndon.

hammock near glacier lake with person swimming

Photo by @sam__davis.

two kayakers

Photo by @rachelvonhahn.

person holding their arms up high in front of waterfall

Photo by @michaelmatti.

hiker jumps over water

Photo by @materas.

mountaineer climbing up snow

Photo by @ibraphotog.

backpacker hikes up ridge

Photo by @goldiehawn_.

campers in tent look at glacier lake

Photo by @fjellfalck.

hiking up a mountain with skis

Photo by @findmeoutside.

snow angel in front of mountain

Photo by @erikmcr.

mountain reflected in lake at sunset

Photo by @christinaadelephoto.

rock climber standing above clouds

Photo by @beauramsey.

mountain bike on trail

Photo by @anndriggers.

backpacker carrying cute dog

Photo by @alexborsuk.

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