Outdoor News You Need to Read This Week: January 23rd

Skiing, cycling, climbing, drinking, rowing: We have stories on everything you love below. We’ve done the hard work of trolling the Internet so you can sit back and enjoy.

This is what you should be reading the week of January 23rd through 27th.

1. Speed Record Attempt of Grand Canyon in Custom Boat

The trip took 39 hours and 24 minutes, with no sleep and few breaks. Disaster struck when a frame-bar snapped and punctured an inflatable beam, effectively ending the trip. The team can’t help but being proud of their effort and the boat they made themselves.

2. The Cheater—Learning to Climb for Myself, the Hard Way

A climber learns what is more important than competition: the love of the sport. Read a courageous story of finding your path.

3. Breckenridge Reclaims Record with World’s Longest Shot Ski

1,234 people attached 420 miniature skis together for a 1,997-foot long shot ski. With hard work, diligence and a commitment to this most beloved of traditions, Breckenridge has the record once again.

4. Vanlife

How do you learn to live an “adult” life with a dirtbag soul? Listen to the podcast.

5. Incredible Photos of Hiking Italy’s “Iron Roads”

National Geographic sent a writer and photographer to the Italian Dolomites. What they found was a network of cables and ladders that allowed access through these otherwise impermeable mountains—and the history of World War I. It was “il fronte vertical,” where thousands of soldiers fought the enemy and the elements.

6. Being The Slowest Skier is Very Important

The Slowest Skier is a title you can’t take seriously enough. Do you have what it takes to be the last one done down?

7. Why You Should Ride Your Bike Outdoors All Winter Long

Why should you cycle all winter long? It’s fun, it’s freezing, it’s fresh air. It’s all of the above plus science. Get the scoop.

8. Trailheads: How to Cross-Country Ski

What happens when you strap cross-country skis to two novices and set them in the snow with an REI expert? A whole lot of laughs. Watch all the ups, downs and bumps along the way. Then get out there and try it yourself.

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