Outdoor News You Need to Read This Week: January 9th

Quizzes, films and gear of the year: This is everything outside you need to see before you head into the weekend. Whether you’re a runner, yogi, camper, skier or gearhead (or combination), there is a story below that will inspire you.

This is what we’ve been reading the week of January 9th through 13th.

1. Still Judith From the Block

One New Yorker has run around her block 19 times, four times a week, since the late 1980s. “What I like about running is that it doesn’t require much talent, just stubbornness,” she said. We say: We’re impressed.

2. California’s Ancient Sequoia “Tunnel Tree” Toppled

We are mourning the loss of one of our nation’s most iconic trees, toppled in a storm this week. Luring tourists to its tunnel since the 1880s, the “Pioneer Cabin” sequoia was beloved by many and will be missed.

3. The Elements of a Perfect Fire

This ode to fire is so beautiful it burns. “It is mesmerizing, this incandescent fusillade that seems to leap from your fingertips.” You need to finish the rest.

4. Quiz: New Year, New Yoga: Which Yoga Hybrid Is Right For You?

Jazz up your typical routine with a new, creative yoga style. These imaginative styles activate unused muscle groups and give you a new perspective. Click to take the quiz.

5. Powder Magazine: How To Believe In Yourself

Caroline Gleich, professional ski mountaineer and environmental activist, talks about gender bias on this episode of the “Sponsored” podcast. It’s worth the listen.

6. Gina Slaby’s Unlikely Path to Breaking the 100-Mile World Record

She didn’t know she was vying for the world record until she was 30 miles from the finish. She said, “I didn’t expect to [break the record] … Ann Trason is a legend, and to even be talked about in the same sentence is a true honor.”

7. Gear of the Show: The Best of Winter Outdoor Retailer 2017

Twice a year, the entire outdoor industry gathers together to celebrate gear. Outside magazine has rounded up their top five products of the winter. Do you agree?

8. This Storm is Still Going Strong

It’s rare that too much snow is a problem for skiers, but that is exactly what is happening in California’s Sierra Nevada. With more than 20 feet of snow and severe rains and flooding, the storm is extraordinary.

9. Changing Course

Clare Gallagher was headed toward medical school, until she realized the path her family wanted her to take wouldn’t make her happy. So she took one step back, 100 miles forward, and went in a new direction. Watch the film.

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