Outdoor News You Need to Read This Week: January 2nd

One year closes and another begins. This week we’ve gathered a little something for any mood: gorgeous photography, a collection of the toughest ultramarathons and even an inspiring mini-film. Take a break from the grind and get the best of the outdoors from the comfort of your device.

This is what we’ve been reading the week of January 2nd through 6th.

1. Your Old Gear Can Help Save Lives Right Now

Did you get a ton of new swag this holiday season? Put your old gear to good use. There are half a million people in the U.S. that don’t have a place to sleep tonight. Gear Junkie helps you figure out how to donate your old stuff to the people who need it most.

2. The Masochist’s Ultrarunning Bucket List

It’s January, which is the perfect time to start dreaming big. Here are 10 sufferfests that are bound to get you lacing up your shoes, or maybe just picking up your jaw from the floor.

3. New Year’s Shooting Stars and Six More Great Sky Events in January

Start your year off right: with gorgeous night views. National Geographic has gathered six stargazing opportunities for this month alone.

4. Meet the “World Cyclist” Biking Every Country

Would you spend over a decade of your life biking through every country on the planet? Patrick Schroeder would—and he only has 54 countries left (141 down). Here’s the man behind the madness.

5. Women Who Ride Mountains

Meet the women who surf San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, year round. Get ready to be inspired. You might just need to get on winter water yourself.

6. Forever – It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over

Ditch the excuses. Instead, watch this motivating video about four boulderers who climb together, year after year, despite their years.

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