Outdoor News You Need to Read This Week: December 26th

Whether your feelings about 2016 are positive or negative, we can all agree that a lot happened. That’s why we’re taking a dive into the past 365: This week is all about top lists. Join us to remember the moments that were worthwhile before we forge into another year of getting outdoors.

This is what we’ve been reading the week of December 26th through 30th.

1. Bears Ears and Gold Butte Designated as National Monuments

Designated after years of public input and community engagement, these two monuments protect over one million acres of desert landscape in Utah and Nevada. They offer a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities, and also include archaeological sites and other places sacred to Native American tribes. The outdoor sector has been deeply involved in the conversation.

2. Save These for a Stressful Day: Yoga Journal’s Top 10 Meditations of 2016

Is there a better way to begin a look back on 2016 than with a few techniques to calm strong emotions? Peruse the ten best meditations from the experts at Yoga Journal. Perhaps you can start 2017 off with a whole new practice.

3. Outside Magazine: The Best Podcasts of 2016

Now that you’re relaxed, calm and sitting still, why not queue up some of the best podcasts in the outdoor world? Outside magazine has gathered the best of the best in a list that can’t be missed. This year was a great one for audio about the outside.

4. Rock and Ice: Photos of the Year

Get your rock climbing fix with the top photos of the year. From the huge walls of Acopan Tepui, Venezuela, to moss-covered boulders in Washington state, there is plenty of dream fodder here.

5. The Radavist’s Best Photos of Bike Life in 2016

John Watson, the founder of one of the top cycling blogs online, tells the tales behind each of his favorite pictures of the year. It’s ideal office-daydreaming material.

6. Powder Magazine: The Photo Annual

Photography is art. And Powder’s yearly trip down memory lane is nothing short of exquisite. Before you head to newsstands to get your copy, click to view.

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