The REI Outdoor Kissing Field Guide


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For us, the outdoors is not only our favorite date spot, it’s also our favorite place to kiss—but not all outdoor kisses are equal. We’ve compiled a short field guide to help you explore a few of the different ways to smooch outside.

If you have an outdoor kiss that isn’t listed below, be sure to post it in the comments.

The “One with Nature”

Outdoor Kiss

If you’ve never kissed someone outside, this is probably a good starting point. This one takes the least amount of prep, making it an easy go-to for novices and outdoor-affection masters alike. To check this one off the list, find a comfortable spot where you can be surrounded by plants and animals—just be sure to steer clear of poison ivy and mosquitoes.

The “Cliché But Awesome”

A scenic viewpoint, at sunset. It’s a tried and true formula for romance—which means you probably won’t be the only one attempting it. The tricky part of making this kiss great is finding a location you won’t have to share.

Extra challenge: Capture a photo of your kiss as the sun sets between you.

The “Love as Epic as We Are”

A typical smooch is just too easy. Some couples need to get amped up and make their kisses as gnarly as their backflips. While this kiss is probably the most difficult to achieve, it generally makes for the raddest photos.

Bonus points are given to any couple where both members are airborne and/or upside-down during the kiss.

The “Too Worked to Show Affection”

Taking your partner on a hike or other outdoor adventure is a great idea, just don’t be surprised when both of you are too exhausted to kiss. This one usually ends up as a short peck or a weak high-five before you both go for your recovery drinks and energy gels.

The “Kiss With Your Lips, Not Your Nose”

Outdoor Kiss

It’s been seven days in the backcountry. You’re sweaty and dirty and stinky. If you see another energy bar or dehydrated meal, you’ll scream. But none of those things will deter you from giving your partner a kiss. Check this one off and you’re one of the lucky few to be part of a true outdoor love story.