Feel The Wind In Your Toes With Targhee Sandals

Editor’s note: This article is part of the Consciously Created content series, sponsored by KEEN. This article was first published on the KEEN Blog

Rolling sand dunes. Sun-baked playas. Red rock canyons. The world is full of drop-dead gorgeous locales that also happen to be hot as *#@&!. And we wouldn’t want to miss out on any of them. Hiking and camping in hot weather can be a little tricky, but it’s worth the extra strategizing. Having footwear that can ventilate and release some of the heat is key. That’s where Targhee hiking sandals can be just the thing.

Targhee sandal styles run the gamut from “epic trek” to “family day hike,” so there’s a pair for every outdoor plan.

The Backstory Of Targhee Sandals

The Targhee hiking boot is a bona fide KEEN classic, beloved for its sturdy, resilient design. It just felt so right to take the top off and let the breeze in. Targhee sandals let your feet breathe while still being primed for truly rugged hikes, all with the same level of comfort and traction as the original Targhee boot.

All Targhee Sandals Have a Few Important Things

First of all, they have the same sole as the Targhee III boot—that rock-clutching, gravel-busting, has-your-back KEEN.ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole.

All Targhee sandals have an adjustable upper that fits the contours of your foot so it’ll definitely stay on (no loose, slipping-and-sliding feel here).

And all Targhee sandals are made with environmentally preferred leather that’s durable and waterproof. It will get nicely worn in and weathered (but still hang tough).

Find Your Just-Right Targhee Sandal

Targhee III Sandal: These men’s hiking sandals are for those hikes with steeper grades and overgrown terrain, where you’d otherwise be wearing boots (if it weren’t so scorching hot). It’s got the closed toe with the protective KEEN toe bumper so those surprise roots and sneaky blackberry vines won’t catch you unaware. A bungee cord adjuster makes for single-handed adjustment (and unlike laces, these never come untied).

Targhee III Open Toe Sandal: Some hikers just don’t dig a covered-toe sandal. We get it, and we designed these men’s hiking sandals for the people who like to feel the sunshine on their toenails (don’t skip the SPF, though!). Unlike the other two Targhee sandals, this one has hook-and-loop straps instead of the bungee cord closure.

Targhee III Slide Sandal: Some feet just really need their freedom. With an open toe and back, these men’s trail sandals give you the airiest feel. We love them for easy hikes, kicking around the campsite and exercising the dog. The upper is minimal compared to other Targhee shoes, but it still sets you up with arch support and high-traction grip.

Your New Summer Hiker?

Sometimes it’s just too darn hot to wear a hiking boot. But it’s never too hot to go on an awesome hike. Plan ahead with some high-caliber SPF, sun-covering accessories, plenty of water, and rugged open-air footwear, and enjoy your sagebrush-studded desert trek to the fullest.

Note: Targhee sandals are available in men’s sizing. Women can always size down to wear a Targhee, or check out the equally hiking-friendly women’s Terradora sandals. Whatever makes you comfortable!

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