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Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown is a writer and backpacker who fell deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest at age 12. Her favorite book growing up was My Side of the Mountain. In 2015 she completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Her feet twitch when she sleeps. REI Member since 2014.

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DIY: Dog Bed

DIY: Dog Bed

Dogs like to get cozy as much as their human companions (some even more so). This DIY uses an old foam pad and sleeping bag to make a lightweight dog bed so you...
How to Find Less Crowded Trails

How to Find Less Crowded Trails

During these challenging times of spending long hours in our homes and keeping our distance from others, hiking can offer a welcome respite of fresh air, exerci...
The Origins of GORP

The Origins of GORP

You’d be hard-pressed to find a hiker who isn’t familiar with GORP, even if they don’t know it by that name. GORP is simply trail mix, a staple outdoor snack kn...
Use a rod to hang jackets, packs and other gear.

Tidy Up Your Gear Storage

I’m just your average hiker/backpacker/dabbling cyclist/SUP enthusiast/occasional car camper. Sound familiar? If you’ve caught the multisport bug like I have, t...
REI Co-op members using gear in the field.

The Gear REI Members Love

We love our members here at the co-op. They’re an outdoorsy, savvy bunch with skills and opinions (lots and lots of opinions, judging by the number of product r...