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Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown is a writer and backpacker who fell deeply in love with the Pacific Northwest at age 12. Her favorite book growing up was My Side of the Mountain. In 2015 she completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Her feet twitch when she sleeps. REI Member since 2014.

Stories by Ashley Brown...
Car-top solar camp shower

DIY Car-Top Solar Camp Shower

Staying fresh and clean on the road without getting a hotel room can be tricky. But if you build your own car-top ‘solar’ camp shower, you can stay squeaky clea...
Kayak in tranquil water

Kayaking Hacks and Tips

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of floating just a few inches above the water in a kayak. Whether your next paddle trip is for a couple of hours or sever...
Trailer and kayak wheeling

DIY: Kayak Cart

Kayaking is one of the best ways to get outside, but it can get expensive when you add up the boat and all the required accessories. Kayak carts make hauling bo...
Two backpackers on a trail

7 Backpacking Tips and Hacks

Though the concept of backpacking is simple (walk a ways, set up a tent, eat, sleep, repeat), there are a myriad of little things that can take your trip from g...

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