hosted camp recipe videos
Campworthy hosts and guests eating vegetarian pozole

Campworthy: Vegetarian Pozole

Recipe: Vegetarian Pozole Submitted by: Jenna Hometown: Virginia, MN Vegetarian Pozole Ingredients Pozole 2 tablespoons high heat oil 1 red bell ...
Campworthy S'maffle recipe, waffles over the campfire

Campworthy: S’maffles

Recipe: S’maffles Submitted by: Chelsea Hometown: Bothell, WA What do you love about this recipe? This combines my two loves: waffles and s’mores. The last...
Campworthy hosts with salmon

Campworthy: Fire-Grilled Salmon

Recipe: Fire-Grilled Salmon Submitted by: Jake F. Hometown: Seattle, WA What do you love about this recipe? My wife and I enjoy camping and fishing all ove...
Tuna casserole finished cooking

Campworthy: Tuna Casserole

Recipe: Camp Tuna Casserole Submitted by: April J. Hometown: Boulder, CO What do you love about this recipe? This is the kind of meal you can make once and...
Corn chowder, salad, and corn on-the-cob

Campworthy: Corn Cook-off

Recipe: Corn Cook-off Submitted by: Erin Hometown: Springfield, MO What do you love about this recipe? We used to call my Grandpa “The Corncob King” becaus...
Campworthy hosts with skewers

Campworthy: Kebab Cook-off

This week our Campworthy hosts invite over a fellow camper to join them for a friendly cook-off. Together they make three different kebab recipes: two vegetaria...

Campworthy: Queso Fundido

Recipe: Queso Fundido Submitted by: Chelsea Hometown: Eugene, OR   What do you love about this recipe? One of my favorite things about camping is s...

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