Weekend Project: Your Inspiration


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adjective | in·spir·ing | \in-ˈspī-riŋ\
: causing people to want to do or create something or to lead better lives

Who inspires you? Who drives you to go farther, train harder and have more fun? Who teaches you by example? Who has changed your life? Who is the #ForceOfNature that encourages you to get outside?

Last weekend we asked you to tell us who the most inspiring #ForceOfNature is in your life. And you did.

Mom, daughter, friend, sister, guide, cousin, wife, belay buddy, teacher, mentor. Your source of inspiration was as varied and diverse as you are, and each and every story excited, exhilarated and motivated us. Your images and words proved what we all know is true: The women in our lives are agents of good, leaving a wake of encouragement behind them. They are a #ForceOfNature in the world.

These are your stories:

Instagram's mountainbandit

“Mothers. Grateful for the mother who backpacked with me in utero; grateful for the Mother who provides us with some of the most amazing wonders of our world– both of whom inspire me every day. #earthday #forceofnature #theresnoplanetb #wildwomen #reiemployee #optoutside” —@mountainbandit


Instagram's alaska_dadventure

“This is my #forceofnature @alaskan_miss_adventure practicing her ‘summit pose’. She loves to #optoutside no matter the conditions. I love that she has women role models like her mom @junkec to look up to! #reiemployee” —@alaska_dadventure


Instagram's libbishock

“My outside/wilderness/travel inspo definitely comes from @macberry25. In the past year or so, McKenzie has helped get me through school, but also encouraged me to spend more time outside. She took me on my first trip to Red River Gorge (and Miguel’s), accompanied me on an adventure to Nepal, and my first back country camping trip in Big Bend. I definitely owe her a lot of thanks for our fun times j chilling with Mother Nature, and escaping our technology ruled lives. Happy National Park Week, and Happy Earth Day! #ForceofNature” —@libbishock


Instagram's johannosaurus_rex

“I’m so incredibly thankful to have a sister who’s more of a badass than I am and pushes me to adventures I would have never done alone.” —@johannosaurus_rex


Instagram's rashidaesi

“You make me brave.” … “Happy Earth Day, and Happy National Park Week!” —@rashidaesi


Instagram's emmeier

“Roadtrip companion, PhD, MD student, groundbreaking researcher, climber, yogi, #womaninscience and steadfast friend: @k_krautie is a #ForceOfNature!” —@emmeier


Instagram's jesshuck

“As a woman, I’ve found so much empowerment through my independence outdoors, and endless inspiration from the women I’ve shared these experiences with. … let’s keep climbing (and conquering) those mountains” —@jesshuck


Instagram's kristi_ofthejungle

“Happy birthday to a girl I’d follow anywhere into the wilderness. Thankful for you, friend #adventurebuddy #ForceOfNature” —@kristi_ofthejungle


Instagram's tayzertravels

“Teamed up with my bestie, @adventuresoflilnicki and started a new page called @girlsthatadventure. We will be highlighting lots of stellar women who make a point to live their lives with excitement and adventure!” —@tayzertravels


Instagram's athenatorri

“#earthday2017 #ForceOfNature #queerfamily #latinosoutdoors” —@athenatorri


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