Weekend Project – Wilderness Introduction

Legacy means a lot here at the co-op, and you seem to agree. Last weekend we asked you to show us who introduced you to the outdoors. You told us stories and offered images of the incredible people who first shared wild places with you.

That moment—the instant where the outside finds its way into your heart—is incredible to experience and to witness. These first moments are the seeds that grow into the belief that a life outside is a life well lived. We are so grateful that you offered your inspiring stories of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends and extended family who showed you how to explore the great outdoors. Thank you for sharing your love with us. We’re sharing our favorite moments right back.

Take a look:

Family on mountain bikes

My parents introduced me to the outdoors // mountain biking in Crested Butte with the entire family #REImember.” —@seaairaww


Hiker at the grandcanyon

“In 1970, my mother and grandmother stopped at this @grandcanyonnps overlook on a roadtrip, and 47 years later I found this photo in a shoebox, and drove 1600mi to find the same overlook, matching the formations and rock layers in the photo to find exactly the right spot, against the same guardrail. Maybe one day my daughter will find the same spot and hold up this photo, because she’s going to grow up as I did, raised by strong women with an appreciation and respect for our world. #reimember” —@colleenelizabethlane


Smiling hiker in snow

Meet my mom, aka the woman who dragged me out of bed for skis and hikes and bikes from age tiny until yesterday and who’s idea of a good time involves copious amounts of time outside. I may make fun of her vivacity every so often, but I fully recognize how incredibly lucky I am to have parents who instilled in me a great love and respect of the outdoors. ?#REImember” —@gpowersfilm


Mom and daughter outside

“Me, catching my first of many newts, with my mom proudly witnessing. This post is dedicated to the two people that sparked my interest in the outdoors. My Dad, who took this picture, would drive us up from Manhattan to Bear Mountain at the crack of dawn to grill breakfast in the mountains; And my Mother, who took my sister and I on many journeys, including a 2 week camping trip that ended in a hurricane. From one generation to the next. #REImember” @alekamayr


70's dad camping

@rei wants us to share pics of the people in our lives that introduced us to the wonders of the outdoors. So, here’s my handsome 1970’s dad. I wish my mom was in this pic too ’cause the two of them have much to do with us driving to Montana right now (what timing!) to start a new life living in the mountains. ❤⛰#REImember” —@marzeedotes


Dad hiking in short shorts on snow

“My dad circa 1981 near Lake Tahoe. He made sure outdoor spirit was in my DNA. Although wearing shorts in the snow is definitely just his thing. #REImember” —@apiercedfoto


Two friends hugging outside

Happiest of birthdays to my vacation/adventure/backpacking friend who can kick some real ass on any mountain pass. Hiking is her specialty, and if it were an Olympic sport she’d take gold. Thank you Lindsay for helping me discover this world of backpacking. Your passion for mountains and the outdoors is contagious. Love you! #REImember” —@maryaddeline


Grandfather handstanding

#REImember My grandfather, Urban, in his signature pose. Likely taken in #yosemitenationalpark c.1940s(?). I credit him with having a great influence on my love of nature, adventuring into the woods, and the great outdoors.” —@lovelygoddess


Two friends at hiking sign

#reiweekendproject The person who introduced me to the outdoors: In Oct 2015 my friend #Canadian Mike stocked my brand-new pack and took me on a 3-night 42-mile hike along the entire #PicturedRocks trail. I had only ever day-hiked, had never slept in real #wilderness and neither of us knew how I’d do. 2 years and many hikes later we’re thinking about a week in #killarneyprovincialpark on the most ambitious trail yet. Whatever your personal lives throw at you – once you find a compatible #hikingpartner you keep them. #REImember” —@tillyann7


Dad outdoors

“Shoutout to my dad for introducing me to the outdoors, it’s been a good time” —@nate.a.lee36


Sister playfully punching brother outside

Thanks to this guy for introducing me to the world of Outdoor Leadership and guiding. I was only 14 the first time he took me backpacking and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve moved multiple times, held countless jobs, and experienced the most amazing things and so much of it is all thanks to my big brother ✌️ #reimember” —@kelli16christine


Dad and daughter outside

“Today is my dad’s 75th birthday. He probably has no idea that he inspired my love for the great outdoors 27 years ago or so but here’s photographic proof. Thanks for the hike, Dad.❤️ #REImember” —@backpackgirlfriend


Camp kids in a kayak

“#reimember to the women at @hayowenthacamps for introducing me to the “backcountry” for the first time at age 13. For 2 whole weeks our group didn’t see a single phone, car, cell tower, or mirror while we paddled through Lake Superior Provincial Park. This was definitely a life changing moment in the sense that I’ve always felt inspired, challenged, and refreshed by all the adventures nature has to offer ever since. Thanks for the share @rei! ❤️?⛺️?” —@elainelliott


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