Weekend Project: Mother’s Day


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“A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” –Dorothy Canfield Fisher, educational reformer, social activist, best-selling author and #ForceOfNature

One day a year we have the opportunity to officially celebrate the incredible mothers in our lives. And what better way to do it than in Mother Nature? That’s why last weekend we challenged you to celebrate outside.

A flood of stories and images came in—tales of empowerment, wonder and, above all, thanks. Scroll on to discover the women who have made members of our community the people they are today. Happy Mother’s Day.

“Thank you for celebrating your Mothers Day with us! You are a #ForceOfNature” —@lacyoasis


“Grateful for my mom. Not just today, but every day. She inspires dreams. She encourages adventures. She loves without limits. She risks. She leads with strength. She explores the world with awe. I am humbled and inspired by her. She is my hero. #ForceOfNature #YosemiteNationalPark” —@paddlegirle


“Everything I am, you helped me to be. Happy Mother’s Day, I love you mom!

Todo lo que soy, tu me ayudaste a ser. Feliz dia de la madres, te amo mama!” —@taniadlc


“I’m so lucky to have such an amazing adventure buddy that calls me mama! ?” —@shinydayadventures


“Rad Mom: [rad-mom] noun, informal.
A parent of the most extreme type. One who does motherhood like a boss, teaching her offspring the importance of gnar in all aspects of life. Rad moms are found all over the world, predominantly residing in the PNW. They can often be spotted slaying pow, ripping mtb trails, and backpacking with their spawn. The most fortunate kids are born to rad moms, for they are educated on the importance of high quality fun and sunscreen from day one.” —

“To the woman who taught me to always be more concerned with what’s on the inside, rather than what’s on the outside. That alone already makes her one in a million. I’m so grateful for the confident, consistent, and caring example she is to me. We look a lot alike on the outside but to also be more like her on the inside is my dream. I love you Mother T! Happy Mothers Day. #mothersday #ForceOfNature” —@lindsilake


“My biggest inspiration, U.S. cross country road trip companion, best example of humility, grace, and most importantly, unconditional love. So thankful to be on life’s journey with you. Happy Mother’s Day! ??❤?? ” —@rashidaesi


“You. I wouldn’t be the woman I am without the mother you are. The choices you made – to raise us outside, school us at home, to encourage us to find our own strengths and support our dreams and our decisions alike – are incredible gifts. Here’s to hundreds of hikes hiked and countless conversations shared, to pink sweats day and popcorn for dinner and letting me bring snakes inside the house. And here’s to mountains yet to climb and canyons yet to descend. May we share many more trails in the years to come. Thank you for life, the universe, and everything.” —@kriseliza