United Outside – REI’s Washington D.C. Flagship Homecoming


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The District was primed and ready. REI began its introduction to the city over a year ago, akin to an old friend moving to a city they’ve been visiting for years. One would think that a company that embodies the spirit of the great outdoors would struggle to find its way into a concrete city—but you would think wrong. There is something elemental about experiencing the outdoors that is palpable no matter where you are. Morning air, the evening sun—you know it when you see it or feel it.

The REI Co-op built its brand not solely around the outdoors, but around bringing people together. It just so happens that REI prefers we share that togetherness outside, surrounded by nature.

At the grand opening in the District, REI showcased its ability to unify and unite. Thousands of people moved throughout the store and into the community. With packed seats from the open-air Wunder Garten to the Block Party, the presence of the outdoors was felt.

This wasn’t a grand opening; it felt more like a homecoming. Over the course of two days, customers, members and passersby enjoyed the sights and sounds of a world lived outdoors. Rock climbing, live bands, camping classes and food vendors helped REI staff bring the event to life.

This is what REI is, this is who they are. REI gives experiences, simple yet important reminders that we’re all #UnitedOutside.

Head to REI D.C. Flagship store and take a class for one step closer to the outdoors.