Trail Running the Enchantment Lakes Traverse


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If you are appropriately conditioned, a run of the 19-mile Enchantments traverse is a very rewarding goal. Between the mountain goats, lakes, waterfalls, peaks, streams, boulders, rock slabs, old growth forest and more, you can get lost in the sights along the way. If you have the time, a week is well spent here, but if you are lucky, and weather and conditions come together, you can see all of these sights in a matter of hours. That is the beautiful thing about long-distance trail running.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

Gretchen Wearne stands over a small pond near Colchuck Lake to get a closer look at the morning reflections.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

Set in the valley below is Colchuck Lake, as seen from near the top of Aasgard Pass.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

Gretchen near Aasgard Pass.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

One of the many summits that surround the Enchantment Lakes basin.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

A happy couple gazing onto the hard-earned views of the Enchantments.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

Adam Roberts and Carlie Feuerborn hiking by Brynhild Lake (Isolation Lake) over a narrow isthmus.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

A shadowed peak lying beyond the upper Enchantments.

Enchantment Lakes Traverse

Leaping for joy in the midst of the Enchantments on a beautiful, sun-drenched autumn day.

For more information, check out my “Alpine Lakes Wilderness – The Enchantments” post.

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