Nolan’s 14 – Ultra Running in Colorado

A 100-mile line through the heart of the Colorado Rockies — 14 14,000-foot peaks — has become the intersection of mountaineering and ultra distance trail running: “the biggest mountain line in North America and maybe the world.” The route is Nolan’s 14.

A new film of the same name interviews international running superstar Anton Krupicka, ultra running legend Blake Wood and some of today’s contemporary elite mountain ultra runners. Director Ben Clark elevates the experience of the Mount Everest of ultra marathoning with epic success and even more epic failure along the journey toward 60 hours of endurance that only a handful of people in the world can claim completed.


The view south from Colorado’s Mt. Yale, the 10th peak of 14 on the Nolan’s 14 route. Attempts at the route are often thwarted by weather. 


Ben Clark on a training run linking together six peaks in five hours near Loveland Pass, Colorado.

Ben Clark

Ben Clark gazes south at 12 more peaks on the Nolan’s 14 route from the summit of Colorado’s highest peak, Mt. Elbert, in June 2013.

Video courtesy of Osprey.

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