Wild Ideas Worth Living: Rebecca Rusch


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Rebecca Rusch on how to take risks and carve your own trail. 

Rebecca has been called a modern day wonder woman and the queen of pain for her ability to not only withstand harsh conditions in endurance racing, but for her well-versed career. She has been a pro athlete for over three decades and a seven-time world champion. Rebecca has shattered the glass ceiling in everything she’s done. From finishing ahead of every man in major mountain bike races to becoming a fire fighter to  breaking records and winning major endurance mountain bike races.

Rebecca’s wild idea: To encourage others to take risks, push themselves physically and mentally and get everyone in the world on a bike.

Recently, Rebecca was on tour with the feature film Blood Road, which follows her journey along the 1200km Ho Chi Minh Trail to find the site of her father’s plane crash during the Vietnam War.

This year, Rebecca is about to celebrate her 50th birthday, and she’s had some time to reflect back on her life. We get deep into her philosophy about how to pave your own path and how to make a career without a clear road map. We dive deep into taking risks, how she trains her body and, most importantly, how she trains her mind. She also shares tips and science she’s learned from the Red Bull coaches.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You love biking, any kind.
  • You want to take more risks in life.
  • You are interested in pushing your body or your mind.
  • You want to hear from a bad-ass athlete and get motivated.

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