Wild Ideas Worth Living: Outdoor Outreach


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Outdoor Outreach on transforming young lives through the outdoors.

If you’re a regular listener to this show, you’ve probably tasted the power of the outdoors. I remember my first time standing on a wave. You may remember your first time carving through powdery snow, your first long hike, or your first time camping under the stars. Chances are, these experiences impacted you in a major way.

I talked with four young adults who have been part of Outdoor Outreach, a nonprofit from San Diego that takes kids who might not have otherwise had access to the wonders of nature, on outdoor adventures like snowboarding, rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking and more.

Outdoor Outreach’s wild idea: To help transform the lives of young adults by introducing them to the power of the outdoors.

Miriam Pi, Meli Perez Valdez, Lawrence Vallejos and Gaby Jasso grew up with different backgrounds and share how their trips with Outdoor Outreach changed the path of their life forever. We talk about why they are now leading trips to get other kids outside, what they are doing to encourage adults and people in power to make the outdoors more accessible for all, and how the outdoors is so powerful.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You are passionate about being outside.
  • You want more youth to experience nature and the power of the outdoors.
  • You had a rough childhood.
  • You have been impacted by the outdoors.
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