Wild Ideas Worth Living: Mike Coots


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Mike Coots on how to be a world-class adaptive surfer, photographer and marine life advocate. 

When he was 18, Mike Coots was attacked by a shark while body boarding in Hawaii. He survived, punching the shark numerous times in the face, but it took his right leg.

Mike’s wild idea: To turn the shark attack where he lost his leg into a life mission.

Today, Mike is a marine life advocate, a world-class photographer, a competitive surfer and advocate for adaptive athletes. He is full of amazing stories, and shares many including one about how he tested, researched and designed his own prosthetic leg so he could stand up surf. He also shares how he got into running, how he helps other shark attack victims and amputees get back in the water, and how he decides which projects to say yes to.

Listen to this episode if:

  • • You’re a surfer or bodyboarder.
  • • You’re passionate about preserving marine wildlife.
  • • You love photography.
  • • You or someone you know is an adaptive athlete.
  • • You want to hear an awesome story.
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