Wild Ideas Worth Living: Ami Vitale


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Ami Vitale on traveling the world, telling stories and creating awareness through photography.

Ami Vitale is a world-class photographer who has traveled the world on assignment for publications like National Geographic and the Associated Press. She got her start in journalism working as a war correspondent, and now focuses on stories, videos and photos about culture, wildlife and the environment. As a storyteller, she’s traveled to more than 90 countries, lived in mud huts and even donned a panda suit.

Ami’s wild idea: To use photography to help people from around the world understand each other and connect.

In our conversation, you can hear how compassionate Ami is. She gives everything she has to her work, which is one reason she’s won so many awards and gets asked to give lectures and teach around the globe. She also donates proceeds of her work to benefit charities. You’ll be inspired to go out and do good in the world after this one.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You are a photographer or just like taking pictures.
  • You want to help save the environment and animals.
  • You love storytelling.
  • You love animals, especially African elephants and pandas.
  • You want to conquer your fears.
  • You are looking for hope in the world.
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