Artists Collaborate For Mural Design In Miami, Florida

OluKai paired three Hawaiians—an explorer, an artist, and an ocean lover – and three like-minded non-Hawaiians on creative and inspiring adventures in far-flung corners of the map to document the spread of the aloha spirit.

In 2016 the Hokule’a, the pride of Hawaii and legendary double-hulled voyaging canoe, will dock in Miami and bring its story to distant shores. Kamea Hadar, the Honolulu-based co-leader of the Pow! Wow! Hawaii Arts Community, recently joined Miami-based Tati Suarez to create an epic work of public art to celebrate this occasion.

Their mural rose on a Little Haiti wall in the blazing late summer sun over the course of a week. The materials were simple: a handful of brushes and some buckets of house paint, and the results were stunning. Everyone approaches a wall mural differently, and they each took home some tricks of the trade from the collaboration. Leaving behind a gift to the neighborhood and a story of inspiration for the city. “I think art is the best way to have a visual representation of the sharing and mixing of cultures,” said Kamea.

Kamea brought his eye for big, bold statements, and Tati brought her devotion to finer detail. They sprayed, splattered and smudged day after day, and together they created a memorable image of Hina, the Polynesian goddess of the moon, who guides all those who venture into the open seas. The mural became a testament to spread the aloha spirit. “To share aloha—well aloha means hello and goodbye, but my favorite part of aloha is the love part,” Kamea explained. “Aloha means caring for other people, showing respect, and then receiving that respect back.”

Video courtesy of OluKai.

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