Outdoor News You Need to Read This Week: December 12th

We care about the great outdoors, the wild places where we go for solace, adventure and meaning. Because we believe you care, too, we’re gathering some top news stories—whether silly or serious, political or personal—from across the outdoor media landscape to keep you up to date.

This is what we’ve been reading the week of December 12th through 15th.

1. The Smiling Bag Extended Trailer

Dion Agius made a psychedelic surf film called The Smiling Bag that just nabbed a SURFER Awards Movie of the Year nomination. Buckle up, this a ride you can’t miss.

2. Santa in Trouble? Reindeer Shrink in Arctic as Climate Changes

Rudolph and friends are facing some tough challenges as winters warm and humans expand further into wilderness.

3. Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Polar Exploration?

Ronald Amundsen reached the South Pole this week in 1911. In celebration, National Geographic created this little quiz about achievements at the North and South Poles.

4. The Skin Track

Growing up with a professional ski-guide dad and ski-instructor mom, Nina Hance learned early to set a steep skin track. Her story of finding an adventure buddy her first week of college is sad and beautiful.

5. Policy Blog: Trump Taps Zinke for Interior Post

The Outdoor Industry Association heralds President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of Congressman Ryan Zinke for the Department of the Interior. Zinke has defended public access to federal lands, even though he has regularly voted against environmentalists.

6. A Force of Habit

Kelvin Trautman produces photography of places and adventures most of us will never see. Click to admire the beauty of his photographs and the story he tells of capturing them.

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