Celebrating 50 Years of National Scenic Trails

Click here to download a version of the National Scenic Trails map illustrated by Tyler Grobowsky (@g_r_o_b_o).

This year, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of national scenic trails. Established as part of the National Trails System Act of 1968, these long-distance trails make up an iconic part of the American outdoors. Winding along waterways, over mountain ranges and across vast stretches of open land, they invite us to connect with nature, ourselves and each other. These 11 trails are a distinct part of not only our history, but our future as a nation—they keep wild spaces wild for generations to come. We believe in their importance. That’s why we’ve invested more than $3 million in our national scenic trails since 2002—and we’ll continue to donate more in the future. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to invest in the future of the outdoors. Thanks to your support, we’ve donated more than $80 million during our 80-year history.