7 Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in the U.S.

Get ready for some serious tail wagging

The only thing better than a hard-earned summit is reaching the top with your favorite adventure companion. So we rounded up seven of the top dog-friendly trails in the country, according to the best judges we have: you. Grab the leash and a handful of treats, and catch the most scenic ascents and sweeping views with your furry friend.

Government Peak to Hatchers Chalet Traverse: Fishhook, Alaska

Follow the ridgeline to the heart of Hatcher Pass, where you’ll find expansive views of countless peaks and lakes. If you opt to hike it in the spring, you’ll find your path scattered with wildflowers and snowy mountain tops. Be sure to pay close attention to the trail, as losing the ridgeline will force you to do some less-than-fun bushwhacking.

Laurel Highlands Trail: Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

The path attracts minimal crowds, so enjoy 10.5 miles of isolation as you trek along the Yughiogheney River. If you want to keep going, the trail stretches on for over 70 miles, and you can turn around at any point, so this hike can be as long or as short as you’d like.

Bear Peak: Boulder, Colorado

With a maximum grade of 70 percent, brace yourself for some steep parts before you reach the summit of this one. But the dramatic views at an elevation of over 8,000 feet are well worth the climb. All dogs are allowed on-leash—and those with blue tags can hike Bear Peak off-leash.

Little Wildhorse and Bells Canyon Loop: Ferron, Utah

The classic canyon maze is a haven for off-leash enthusiasts. Follow the nine-mile trail through the narrows and up a couple Class 3 and Class 4 scrambles as Fido explores all of its hidden crevices. Pro tip: Make sure your dog’s wearing a harness so you can give your favorite hiking companion a boost at some of the trickier spots.

Whiteoak Canyon to Cedar Run Loop: Stanley, Virginia

Foggy in the winter and lush and green in the warmer months, the Whiteoak Canyon to Cedar Run Loop delivers waterfall after waterfall. With a whopping six of them total—all in under nine miles—you’re never far from a scenic spot along the river. The trail leads you over several water crossings, and your pup will love splashing in the shallow sections. 

Duck Pass Trail: Mammoth Lakes, California

Enjoy often snow-capped peaks and bright green-blue waters. The shaded forested hillside and access to Arrowhead, Emerald, and Skelton Lakes will help keep your four-legged friend cool, even with the California sun shining.

Four Pass Loop: Snowmass Village, Colorado

See four 14-ers and classic lake views as you ascend a total of 7,734 feet. Pro tip: Hike this 27-mile-loop in the fall when the aspens are turning gold.

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