REI Presents: Nature’s Colin


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Watch Colin’s journey from sofa to summit now.

Episode 1: Colin McArthur is not an outdoorsman, but he wants to climb a mountain. For Colin and his wife Dawn, this is the busiest time of their lives. Facing the challenges of working part-time while raising their son Davis, and with a second child on the way, now is not the ideal time for Colin to attempt something he has never even dreamed of doing before. Motivated to improve his physical and mental health, and with unwavering support from his family and community, Colin sets off on a journey to discover what it takes to make meaningful change.

Episode 2: What kinds of mental and physical training are needed to get ready for a mountain summit? Determined to climb a mountain for the first time, Colin visits Manisha Powar, Board Member at The Mountaineers, to learn what to expect. Colin’s good friend, and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Anna Clausen Williams, helps Colin get physically ready, while Dawn, Davis and Colin expect the newest addition to the family any day.

Episode 3: Can a routine blood test cause one grown man to lose his resolve? Colin gets serious about his health in preparation for his first mountain summit. Big changes in nutrition and health are embarked upon with the guidance of Dr. David Ramaley and nutritionist Vanessa Imus, RD. Colin, Dawn, and Davis welcome the newest member of the McArthur family.

Episode 4: “It’s impacted our whole family!” Preparation for his first mountain summit has led to major changes at the McArthur household. Colin, Dawn and the family find time to get outside and reflect. Colin visits REI to get himself some proper mountain climbing boots, and shows off his lack of moonwalking ability.

Episode 5: Exhausted, Colin reaches out for emotional support, and digs deep to find the will to continue to prepare for his first summit hike. Accompanied by some close friends and neighbors, as well as Steve, the female dog, Colin attempts his first long training hike to the summit of Mt. Si.

Episode 6: “I’ve kind of put the training on hold…” Still reeling from the exhaustion of training and caring for a newborn, Colin seeks alternative means of rejuvenation to help him make the final preparations with the big summit hike just around the corner.

Episode 7: Should we have made “Mountain Mama” instead? Colin reveals Dawn’s ideas for other outdoor shows. Prepared or not, Colin leaves Dawn, Davis, and Freia behind, and heads to Mt. St. Helens with his college buddy Dustin to attempt the big hike to the summit.