GORE-TEX: Making Your Outdoor Adventures More Environmentally Friendly

Editor’s note: This article is part of the Taking Care of Your GORE-TEX Gear content series, sponsored by GORE-TEX. This article was first published on the GORE-TEX blog

In 2016, Greg realized that the way he was living and accessing the mountains was killing what he loved most. So, he set out to make changes in his lifestyle. From purchasing an electric car to going weekday vegetarian and shopping and adventuring locally, Greg is determined to leave behind a legacy of protecting our earth. 

“Once you start questioning your habits regarding the environment, you see a lot of things that you could do better,” Greg Hill explains. “You only need to make small changes to protect what you love. You just have to get started and then push through.”

Check out the full video with tips from Greg and learn more about taking care of your GORE-TEX rain gear. 

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