REI Presents: Engaging The Curve

Most people agree #relationshipgoals involve growing closer. Pursuing partnership in the outdoors offers a unique opportunity to spend time with your significant other and develop your relationship. Through the blend of adventure, unexpected scenarios and the natural world, outdoor activities lend themselves to several pathways for successful relationship growth.

Outdoor activities can help you…

Push the boundaries of your relationship
Boundary-pushing adventures don’t have to be dramatic. It really depends on you and your partner’s comfort zones. Whether you’re hiking or whitewater kayaking, creating experiences with your partner allows space for you to grow closer through your shared memories.

Biking Smiling

Learn how to successfully communicate
The not-so-secret secret to a successful outdoor experience with a partner is communication. Be honest with your partner about your goals for a new activity and listen to your partner’s goals. Talking in advance will help both of you support each other and make the activity a success.

Learn more about your partner and how to enhance their experience
By communicating and sharing experiences, you will learn more about your partner over time and what makes them have a fantastic (or not so fantastic) experience pursuing your chosen activity. The key to future successful adventures is to do what you can to enhance your partner’s experience. This might mean packing extra snacks (for them or for yourself), planning diligently for all scenarios or learning how to define success by the journey instead of the destination.

bike packing

Practice partnership in problem-solving
Even the most meticulous planners come across problems in the outdoors every once in a while. Learning to solve relatively innocuous problems together in a (possibly uncomfortable) outdoor setting is a translatable skill. Inevitably, more serious issues will come your way during the course of your relationship. Working together to solve problems in the outdoors will hone your relationship skills, giving you a template for how to deal with what may come.

Ground your relationship away from the frenetic energy of the world
Participating in a regular activity brings balance to a busy life. When you experience the peacefulness of nature together through an outdoor activity, you highlight the value of your relationship and provide a foundation for its continued strength and growth.