Cyclists: Are You with the Right Bike?

Overwhelmed by all the different kinds of bikes out there? Relax. We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right bike. Cruise through our flowchart to find the bike that best matches your personality.

bike infographic

Ever get the nagging feeling that another bike–younger, richer, smarter–might suit you better? Follow our flowchart to find out which type of bike is truly right for you.

Below are a few of the bikes you could identify with:

The Fixie

Voted the Cyclist Most Like to be a Hipster. You don’t just blog about indie bike culture. You created it.

The Tall Bike

One part granola, two parts drama major, you’re happiest when high above street fairs, Burning Man and other centers of anarchy.

The Cruiser

You’re on the road to nowhere (or maybe the beach) and you like it that way. Don’t forget cash for the ice cream truck.

The Road Bike

Precise and focused, some have accused you of OCD. Never mind. Your beautiful road machine will always love you.

The Mountain Bike

Thrill-seeker. Obstacle-jumper. Not content to pound the pavement, you need a bike that loves a dirt bath as much as you do.

The Commuter

Upright citizen, you need an earnest bike to help you save the world–and your sanity–one pedal stroke at a time.

The Cyclocross

Top priority: fun. Followed closely by beer, camaraderie, and a crazy, on-again, off-again bike race. Followed closely by beer.

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