Bike to Work Month – Dealing with the Sweat


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Bike to Work Month encourages people to abandon their cars, exercise and save on transportation costs. What’s not to like?

Well, okay, there is the little problem of showing up to your place of work drenched in sweat and grease. But don’t let this deter you from pedaling your way to the office.

Bike to Work Month

Here’s a list of items to bring in order to help you keep the perspiration under control.

A Shower Kit with Wee Soap and Shampoos

A two-minute shower will have you smiling and whistling a jaunty Irish folk tune on your way to your desk.

Moist Towelettes

Discreetly mop up some of that excess sweat while your cubicle mates are busy watching animated GIFs of kittens. No one will ever know.

Kool Ties

These lightweight scarves are filled with polymer crystals that slowly release water. Wrap one of these around your neck while working to feel and look cool.

Extra Clothes

Stash some clean clothes at work so you can make a quick change out of your sweat-drenched duds.

Plastic Bags

Seal away your sweaty clothes for future cleaning or disposal.

Small Desk Fan

Keep a steady refreshing breeze blasting at your face until the sweat stops beading on your brow.


If you don’t have time to shower, you can hide your helmet-hair shame with a cool lid.

Dryer Sheets

Helmet hair still out of control? Since static electricity is often the culprit, try rubbing these negatively charged miracles of modern laundering technology over your locks.

Latex Gloves

Sweat isn’t the only problem when you bike to work. Sometimes it’s the grease. Wear latex gloves when conducting field repairs in order to keep your hands looking clean and freshly manicured.

Join the conversation. What’s in your bike to work kit?