Weekend Project – Summer Summits!


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All winter long, mountaineers and climbers wait in eager anticipation for the weather to clear and for climbing season to arrive. Then it all happens in the blink of an eye. Sometimes summers get so busy there is not time to stop and look at what has been accomplished. But as summer winds down, and the tally list of peaks is full, it’s a perfect time to stop and reflect on all those endeavors.

Last week we challenged our Instagram community to share about their summer of alpine pursuits. We’ve selected a handful of our favorites to showcase here. Thanks to everyone who participated in this weekend project.

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WP Summits
“Lesson – never give up on a dream.” Photo by Jason (Instagram’s @basho1644) at Gannett Peak.

WP Summits
“Who said rest days have to be spent sitting on your butt.” Photo By Ryan R. (Instagram’s @project_riggins) at Bugaboo Provincial Park, Canada.

WP Summits
“After climbing all morning in the dark and summiting in the clouds I accepted we would see no views on this trip. I was already massively happy with achieving the summit of The President and not even fazed that the only photos I would have would be me with the summit cairn in the white room. And people would think I just doctored pictures like that Indian couple on Everest. But as luck had it the skies opened up on the col and we were treated to 10 minutes of views… Before it snowed, rained and hailed on us…. #worthit” Photo by Cathryn A. (Instagram’s @mtncathryn).

WP Summits
“I wish I had more time for big mountains this season but it looks like this early season trip up #mtbaker is going to be the last before the seasons change. I’m pretty excited about the cold, miserable, desolate mountains through the winter though.” Photo by Kevin R. (Instagram’s @kevin_scott_re) at Mt. Baker, WA.

WP Summits
Photo by Mandy S. (Instagram’s @schenktown) at North Cascades National Park, WA.

WP Summits
“Whelp, we made it! 3 peaks in 3 days. Enjoying some victory brews before heading back.” Photo by Anthony P (Instagram’s @dontdropthatthonthonthon) on the Matthes Crest, CA.

WP Summits
“Standing at the north summit of Crystal Crag (~10,250 ft) after climbing the classic North Arête (5.7, 600 ft).” Photo by Fernando (Instagram’s @ffer06) on the Crystal Crag Trail, CA.

WP Summits
“On day 3 of dirtbag climbing trip, we climbed the Cave Route 5.7 to the top of Concord Tower (7,560 feet). It was my first alpine climb, and happy to say the experience was vivid and memorable. The 360 degree view atop Concord of the rest of the Liberty Bell group and peaks in the distance is incredible.” Photo by Instagram’s @camillemonro, on Concord Tower, WA.

WP Summits
Photo by Chris (Instagram’s @iliketrails) on Little Bear Peak, CO.

WP Summits
Photo by Heidi H. (Instagram’s @heidi.s.hawkins) at Mount Rainier National Park, WA.

WP Summits
Photo by Michael J. (Instagram’s @michaelmjjunior) at Longs Peak, CO.

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