CorePower Yoga x REI: Yoga for Your Climb


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Yoga is a great way to bring mindful movement to your outdoor pursuits. We partnered with our friends at CorePower Yoga to learn more about integrating yoga into climbing—before, during and after your climb. Learn more about getting your first week of CorePower Yoga for free here.

Stretching arms before going climbing

Before Your Climb

Hydrate the day before and day of your activity with at least half your healthy body weight in ounces of water. Fuel up one hour before with a mix of protein and complex carbs, like a salad with turkey or a veggie-based protein source.

Sit down before you climb and try a gratitude practice. Inhale for four counts and exhale for four counts to center yourself. Bring your hands together in front of your heart and think of three new things you are grateful for in the last 24 hours. Be specific. Take two more slow breaths to feel gratitude wash over you. Wake up your body and activate your core with a few poses.

Wrist Rolls & Reverse Neck Pull Standing Backbend
Stand tall and interlace your hands in front of you.
Breathe as you rotate your wrists left to right and then in the opposite direction.
Inhale, lift your hands up to the sky.
Exhale, interlace your hands behind your head at the base of your skull.
Inhale, tip your elbows upward and press your head back into your hands.
Exhale, return to standing.

CorePower Yoga instructors do wrist rolls

Three Legged Down Dog
Start in Plank Pose.
Inhale, press your palms into the ground and activate through your low core.
Exhale, draw your hips up and back.
Inhale, extend your right leg up to the sky, bend your right knee and stack your right hip on top of your left. Take two slow breaths here.
Return to Plank Pose then repeat on the opposite side.

Corepower yoga instructors hold three-legged down dog pose

Forearm Plank Knee to Elbow
Start in a Forearm Plank.
Inhale, stack your elbows under your shoulders and press back through your heels.
Exhale, draw your right knee to your right elbow to activate your inner and outer obliques.
Inhale, return to center.
Exhale, draw your left knee to your left elbow as you tighten your core, drawing your muscles up and in.
Repeat five times on each side.

Corepower yoga instructors hold forearm plank, knee to elbow

Eagle Pose
Start in a standing position.
Exhale, wrap your right arm underneath your left. Press your palms together and soften your shoulders.
Inhale, bring your right leg up and over your standing left leg.
Exhale, squeeze your inner thighs and elbows to the midline of your body to open up through your back body.
Inhale, keep your shoulders stacked above your hips and side bodies long.
Exhale, sit deeper. Inhale, release.
Repeat on the opposite side.

Corepower yoga instructors hold eagle pose

While you climb, let your breath center you. Inhale for four counts, then exhale for four counts. As you inhale, say to yourself, one. On your exhale say, one. As you inhale, say to yourself, two. On your exhale say, two. Continue to count. This will naturally slow your breathing and in turn your heart rate.

After Your Climb

Practice silent meditation. As you pack up your gear, see if you can remain quiet and reflect on everything that supported your climb today—your gear, your fellow climbers, your own strength. Fully appreciate these gifts. Get grounded with a short flow.

Lateral Lunge
Start with your feet wider than your hips and your toes parallel to each other.
Inhale, lift your hands above your head to stretch long.
Exhale, bend your left knee and send your sit bones back.
Inhale, glide back to center.
Exhale, bend your right knee and send your tailbone back once again.
Repeat five times.

Corepower yoga instructors do lateral lunges

Wide Leg Forward Fold with a Twist
Start standing, stack your chest over your hips as you widen your feet.
Inhale, lift your hands out to a T shape.
Exhale, lean forward to bring your head below your heart and come into a Forward Fold.
Inhale, place your left hand between your feet and draw your right palm to the sky and twist.
Exhale, come back to center.
Inhale, place your right hand between your feet and draw your left palm to the sky.
Exhale, come back to your wide forward fold then back up to standing.

Corepower yoga instructors do wide-legged forward fold twist

Crescent Moon to Half Splits
Start in a Low Lunge with your right leg forward and your left leg back.
Relax your left knee down to the ground.
Inhale, lift your fingers to the sky.
Exhale, draw your tailbone down and activate your core.
Inhale, lengthen a little higher.
Exhale, plant your hands on the ground and pull your hips back to stack above your heel.
Inhale, straighten your front leg and actively flex your front foot toward your face.
Exhale, draw your tailbone back for a deeper stretch through your hamstrings.
Inhale, lengthen through your side bodies.
Exhale, back to Low Lunge.
Repeat on the other side.

Corepower yoga instructors hold crescent moon half split pose

Refuel with a blend of protein and complex carbs—think oatmeal with your favorite nut butter.

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