Weekend 1440 Project – Celebrating Every Minute Spent Outside

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Did you know there are 1,440 minutes in a day?

In late 2012, we dreamed about what it would look like to showcase how our community of adventure- loving people spend those 1,440 minutes. From snapshots of thru hikers on the Appalachian Trail at sunrise to the runner enjoying a twilight training run in Big Sur, we love seeing how you celebrate every minute outside.

The other number worth mentioning is 500,000. That’s how many photos have been tagged #REI1440Project on Instagram. That’s a lot of moments spent outside!

In honor of the 500k milestone, we asked the 1440 community to share a photo and include a caption that answers the question “Why do you love spending time outside?”.  Below are a few favorites  – we hope you enjoy!

Sittin round the fire with friends… #REI1440project #camping #pnw #northwestisbest @rei

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